Work is Worship

Message Desk

From the Desk of the Manager

The point of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

It is gratifying to note that the K.R. Education Center is launching its website which would be of a great help to the students seeking admission to the K.R.E.C.

We are continuously effortful to provide high standard of education. We believe in effective teaching and healthy leaning process to bring harmonious development in the personality of the child. We opine that academic excellence is not nurtured through pressure created by artificial motivation based on competition. It is based on the fundamental and innate desire to learn what is meaningful, useful towards the goal or a vision which has been self chosen.Our aim at the K.R.E.C. is not only to teach concepts, skills and techniques but  to groom the entire personality of the child.


From the Desk of the Principal


We know that children equipped with integrated thinking skills with value added personality are the demand of the society. To fulfill this demand. we conduct a variety  of competitions . We provide full bloom to the latent potential of the child under the delicate and tender care with supportive and conductive supervision of qualified and trained teachers.

We believe that for better society, prevalence of social justice, prosperity of country, for better understanding among all the walks of life, better administration,for achievement of high level of academic excellence for competitive spirit, innovative education is to be inculcated and then only we can hope for a prosperous and radiant tomorrow. It is the Endeavour of this school to impart the best academic environment suiting to today's global requirements.

I want to assure all the parents that visionary aspirations which we have projected before us will certainly be executed into action by the team of dedicated and committed teachers. I am confident that with a well chalked out action plan supported by element of sincerity and devotion of staff; we will once again prove that our system is capable of imparting quality education and holistic development of the children. I wish to assure all the parents that your child is in safe academic environment and we are striving hard for bringing excellence in all the spheres of activity. With  this promise, I am sure we are marching ahead and in coming days our children will prove themselves to be the best citizen of India. So that we all can smile and proud of them. I believe in the words of Robert Frost:-

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.